Fourth Day of Kwanzaa – Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)

Habari Gani?! Ujamaa!!

Today is the fourth day of Kwanzaa! The fourth of the Nguzo Saba is UJAMAA. “Ujamaa” means Cooperative Economics in Swahili.

It is estimated that African-American buying power has reached a total of 1.3 trillion dollars this year. The Empowerment Experiment ( showed that less than ~3% of the current Black buying power is spent in Black-owned enterprises. It hypothesizes that a redirection of just ~10% of total African-American spending to black-owned enterprises could translate into the creation of ~1 million jobs centered around communities of color. We’ve learned again and again that there is a positive correlation between unemployment and prison admissions. Job creation is, therefore, one of our most effective strategies for reducing the rate of incarceration in our community.

Each program year, the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association ensures that we work with highly-skilled Black and minority vendors for many of our signature programs and events. We also proudly support those entrepreneurs in our legal community who have started their own law firms and who serve the African-American community well! We encourage you to consider supporting Black- or minority-owned businesses understanding that your patronage could help us affect our collective cause for justice.

In honor of the courageous solo lawyer, entrepreneur and our power to lift our community, HARAMBEE, MBLA!! HARAMBEE!!

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