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MBLA activities are developed and managed by its standing Committees, which include the Community Service Committee, the Programs and Professional Development Committee, the Student Support Committee, the Membership Development Committee, the Marketing and Technology Committee, the Judicial Appointment Committee, and the Finance Committee.

Community Service Committee

This committee encourages the involvement of the membership in volunteer legal services and community service activities.
Co-ChairsAdam Foss and Stesha Emmanuel
Members: Doreen Rachal,  Vanessa Ebode-Messi, Bayliss Fiddiman, Raquel Webster, and Caroline Zulu.

Programs and Professional Development Committee

This committee is responsible for planning and executing all programs geared to enhance the retention and advancement of attorneys of color in Massachusetts.
Co-ChairsScott Mays and Jermaine Kidd
Members: Shahria Boston,  Caroline Durocher, Giselle Joffre, Kanasha Herbert, Jennifer Kent, Kevin Nolan, Carlos Lopez, and Trevor Rozier-Byrd

Student Support Committee

This committee oversees the mentorship program and provides support to area law school students.
Co-ChairsVanessa Ebode-Messi and Clarence Richardson
Members: Jennifer Kent, Raquel Webster, Eron Hackshaw, Michael Kippins, Courtney Scrubbs, Cassie Ramos, Basannya Babumba, Tyler A. Compton, Vernon W. Thomas, Daniel D. Wallace, Jonathan Culpepper, Ashley Lawson, Evan Lewis, and Tenisha Callender

Membership Development Committee

This committee is responsible for the development of the organization’s membership.
ChairDanielle Pelot
Members: Doreen Rachal, Angela Gomes, William Trach and Eron Hackshaw

Marketing and Technology Committee

This committee oversees the maintenance of the MBLA website and dissemination of information regarding MBLA activities.
Chair: Eron Hackshaw
Members: Doreen Rachal, Angela Gomes, Clarence Richardson, and Michael Kippins

Judicial Appointment Committee

This committee helps identify and encourage lawyers to apply for judicial vacancies.
ChairWilliam Trach
Members: Doreen Rachal and Angela Gomes

Finance Committee

This committee ensures compliance with applicable state and federal laws and maintains the organization’s tax-exempt status.
ChairStephen Hall
Members: Doreen Rachal, Angela Gomes, Scott Mays and Jermaine Kidd

For more information on joining an MBLA Committee, please contact any Committee Chair or the MBLA directly.

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